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Silicone Lubricant R217

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Silicone Lubricant R217


Non staining lubricant with high temperature stability

Tygris R217 is a silicone lubricant which provides clean, low odour, non-staining lubrication for many applications, especially plastic parts and seals. Non-toxic in character, making it suitable where incidental food contact may occur.


  • Excellent lubricating properties

  • Non-staining and low odour

  • Effective on plastic - metal - wood - vinyl - rubber and other surfaces

  • Non-toxic for use where incidental food contact may occur

  • Used for mould release in the plastics industry

  • An effective surface polish

  • Use on seals - slides - bearings - textile equipment etc.

  • High temperature stability up to 200°C

  • Water repellent



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